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Kryptonit CF (Carbon Fiber)

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Simply the best american style sulky on the market. Our very stiff special steel frame combined with our carbon fiber shafts offers a performance and feel that can not be found in any other product on the market. The carbon fiber shaft is very stiff, but it still has a mild very sophisticated flex that is very good for the horse in this kind of high lifting sulky. Typically a quite heavy weight solutions are needed to reach stiff enough construction for this kind of sulky. Here Kryptonit CF specially stands out from the competion. With carbon fiber it is possible to create very stiff but lightweight constructions. As a result Kryptonit carbon fiber offers all the features needed to reach the ultimate speed in a lightweight package.

Kryptonit Carbon Fiber is approved for racing by USTA for North America. Kryptonit Carbon Fiber is approved for for racing in France according the French homologation. Kryptonit Carbon Fiber is approved for racing in Nordics according the approval by Hippos.

Kryptonit CF is available as centralized and offset version. For the North America its built offset as a standard and needs to be offset to meet the USTA approval for racing. In France a sulky is not allowed to be offset, so to meet the French regulation it needs to be built cenralized. Both version are accepted by the Nordic approval.

Shaft: -
Frame: -
Wheels: 69 mm hub width
Includes fenders

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