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Chevi C1 Carbon Racer is a completely new higly advanced racing sulky in terms of overall performance, features and technologies used in manufacturing. Chevis over 30 years experience in sulky manufacturing was combined with over two years perioid of intensive product developement to create a totally revolutionary product that will set new standards to a top-class racing sulky, the best in the world today! 

All our carbon fiber parts have been manufactured from the best available materials and with the most advanced manufacturing methods similar to a for example in sports car industry. One proof of the quality is that we can use the natural carbon fiber surface pattern as the final finishing surface of the parts. This is also a proof that the parts will remain all their qualities over the years of use. We are the only manufacturer using these methods in trotting industry.

C1 has aerodynamically optimized, rigid and roomy frame that enables the superior performance. The frame has overall and torsional stiffness that can not be reached with any other material or manufacturing processes, and all this comes in a extremely light ”package”. The room of the sulky enables the use of the same sulky for differently build horses with different trotting styles. The lift of the sulky can be changed from lifting to very lifting. Sulky has wide adjustments for different sized drivers and various driver demands. The driver positions is low for the best possible overall aerodynamics. The shafts are rigid and flexible at the same time. This has been done with the varying stiffness that changes over the whole shafts length. This makes the sulky extremenly stable and tracking but still allows the horse to trott freely as shafts allow movement.

C1 Carbon Racer is delivered with lacquered natural carbon fiber surface. All the metal parts will be painted in the color that customer has ordered. Standard striping can includes 1-2 colours and one additional colour matching the paint colour and carbon fiber. The graphic design of the outer frame fork can be customized. It is also possible to customize the whole graphic desing of the sulky.


Shaft: length 208 cm, 5 harnessing places, carbon fiber
Frame: Inner width 132,5 cm, outer width 160,5 cm, 3 heights, carbon fiber (outer frame forks are made from aluminium)
Wheels: 115 mm hub width
Includes gaiting poles and fenders.

Webstore product customization, pricing & VAT details

Price do not include wheels. Color, stripes and additional details will be determined after purchase by phone or email. Price includes 0 % VAT. 24 % tax will be added to the price in shopping basket for customers in EU. If you have valid company VAT number and are located in EU country other than Finland, you can order with 0 % VAT. To enable this please contact us and provide us your company name, address and VAT-number and we will create you an account with 0 % VAT charges. Alternatively you can always order by phone or email. Orders outside EU are always with 0 % VAT.

Carbonracer Frame

Frame design provides space for horse and enables low and aerodynamical position for the driver. The frame bridge has a drop-shaped profile for best possible aerodynamics. Carbon fiber gives the frame a completely specific behaviour resulting a very stiff frame for the best possible performance, but still remaining a certain level of sensitivity that effectively eliminates vibrations etc. The overall and torsional stifness varies through the frame to maximise the performance qualities.

Outer frame fork is made from aluminum to minimize the overall width and height of the sulky. Wheel axle holes are placed in 40 mm distance from each other, resulting almost 80 mm total height adjustment. The design of the frame enables an specially low driver position when the wheels are mounted in the lowest position. We recommend that a pair of carbon wheels is used together with the C1 Carbon Racer to ensure the best possible performance. However the sulky is compatible with all standard-sized wheels. The shape of the frame and frame forks have been designed so that the gaps between the frame and wheel are minimal to provide maximum safety.

Gaiting poles have been designed so that they are easy to use and that they work optimally in relation to the shafts, frame and horse. Gaiting poles are made from aluminium and they are mounted in the sulky with a completely silent construction. Gaiting poles have a width adjustment that ensure the perfect operation of the gaiting poles with differently build horses.

The inner frame fork is shaped so that it is overally and torsionally rigid. This eliminates effectively disadvantageous movements that are harmfull for the performance. Slim shape also maximises the space between forks. Backward curved design gives more space for the horse and increasesthe lift of the sulky. Wheel axle inserts are made from aluminum. Sideforks are installed inside the framefork for maximum space for the horse.

Stirrup adjustment length is very wide and we have used so-called half quick release system to control the adjustment. Used system quarantees and easy and quick adjustment, but secure, tight and silent locking.

The driver comfort has been maximized by seat suspension. Seat plate is suspended in four points and each point has two coil springs. Spings are pre-loaded so that the seat is ”floating” even without load from the driver. This way we can ensure smooth suspension and avoid all impacts. In the use the driver will not even notice the suspension in the seat, the only difference to rigid seat is the increased comfort.

Seat position can be adjusted easily and quikly with one knob. The seat can also be easily and quikly be removed for transportation.

The shafts are mounted in the outer side of the frame to maximise the stability af the sulky. The shafts combine the advantages of both stiff and flexible shaft in a totally revolutional way. The stiffness of the shaft varies throughout the whole length of the shaft so that the shaft becomes stiffer the closer we are to the frame. This allows the horse to perform ”freely” without having the shafts to limit its movements and performance. Because the shafts stiffness increases the closer we get to the frame, this movement will not travel to the frame because the shaft eliminates it resulting an stabile, smooth and fast ride. The mounting of the steel and aluminum parts has been carried out with stainless steel inserts to quarantee that the shaft attachments will stay rigid after years of use. Shafts are removable and can be replaced.

The seat has a very wide adjustment length. When this is combined together with very wide stirrup adjustment, it is very easy to find a good driving position no matter what is the size of the driver. The adjustments are actually so wide, that the seat adjustment can be used to control the lifting of the sulky, and the adjustment for the driver can be done by using stirrup adjustments.

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